OWS/99% movement now in the fi...

Nov 12, 2011 by

This is the romantic. A deep melancholy rests on my shoulder each day as I see all the things I love, grow older, get weaker, and begin that transition to nothingness. And I wonder even with all the profound joys and personal victories that one can have in life nothing prepares any of us for the escalated losses which me each must face as we grow older. It doesn't matter how much or how little money we each have as the end is always the same, for all of us. There is nothing that we can take with us. We can leave the world a better place by just trying, yet we squabble about things that are so peripheral to our very existence that one wonders why so few see the tragedy of it all. The tragedy of wanting to be right even when we know that we can't possibly have all of the answers 100% of the time.

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Without a united 99%, all will...

Oct 24, 2011 by

It is with a deep sense of malaise that I write today after reading multiple accounts of infighting among the various occupying groups throughout the world. When I first wrote, "So you’re a social activist are you?" followed by "So we don’t have an objective do we? No you don’t!" and finally "A message of profound hope…" all of which carried on the original premise of unless there was an organizational structure put into place with some specific demands then what is happening now all over the world was certain to happen.

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So you’re a social activist ar...

Sep 28, 2011 by

Those of you who read about these issues or peruse some of the links provided here will see, if you keep an open mind, that debates on political systems often devolve into arguments about language as much as about ideology. Much of our problem is that we have become reactionary to the very language used to express these ideas - so much so that as soon as we hear one or two key words or phrases, without thinking at all, we are already reacting.

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