Melancholoholic Issue #5.5

Oct 9, 2011 by

A couple of letters have urged me to continue where I left off after  Issue #5. Very kind. Normally I wouldn’t do two issues...

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Melancholoholic Issue # 5

Oct 4, 2011 by

But I do have something to offer that seems to be in ever-short supply in this world. I'm not afraid to expose to 10, 100, 1000, or 1,000,000 people that under all the fifty cent words that come welling up at times, the anger at the dogmatic left and the unempathic right, in between all of these things that seem so important to so many of us is a simple thing called humanity, and we forget that these days. So I may not be able to offer you much but I do offer what humanity I have, and I hope that I may inspire some of you to share some in your own way as well.

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Melancholoholic Issue # 4

Sep 30, 2011 by

Dry intellectuals, pencils in hand, scribbling formulae on paper, proving their philosophical theses, will never know why Icarus flew too close to the Sun. Some things can only be understood by the heart. Hubris, maybe, but I would rather fall to earth from being overcome with joy and passion than never fly at all.

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Melancholoholic Issue # 3

Sep 22, 2011 by

Well it has been an issue to get to issue #3. We finally made it…Now we need to find something to talk about that is suitably...

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Melancholoholic Issue # 2

Sep 1, 2011 by

It is very much a part of each of our lives, these subtle changes. The lighting, the redolence, the melody of a season; each has its own familiar script in which it takes part. We are only here for the ride as these mechanisms have little need for our human instruction.

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