And the point is?

Apr 2, 2012 by

This idea of competition between groups and individuals within these groups is abhorrent to them. They are quirky, funny, odd, and often geniuses in disguise. Historians with photographic memories and the ability to synthesize that history, group the actors and weave a story that will have a bar room crowded a round a tiny table listening with rapt attention at the end of an evening, every once in a while exclaiming,"It doesn't get better than this - I'm not kidding you!" Musicians who stop playing and walk away when you ask them why they are not internationally known - you learn to cherish when they play for you - wise enough to know you are listening to beauty: the drawing of chord change, a note, the warm worn tone that can only be grown alone.

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Why ‘Moderation’ i...

Mar 17, 2012 by

To encourage people to not talk about politics seems almost conspiratorial to me. If you are a living, eating, breathing human being you are part of politics - put three people in a room and you have politics. Some say, "I don't do politics - but will talk about the lives of others and the nitty-gritty, sexy, sordid details of what it's like to be a carnal human being." You don't think that's politics? At least on an intimate level? Moderation helps us temper the difficult nature of the complexities that lie ahead.

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A letter to my fellow Canadian...

Mar 11, 2012 by

S. Harper and his cronies need to be shown the door, regardless of your politics. We as Canadians have ALWAYS prided ourselves on being a country of moderates. We used to mock American politicians and their unbalanced agendas, and now we have allowed this same polarization to enter into our own political system. The very fabric of the social structure that made Canada unique is being eroded a little each day.

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Douche of the week – Rush Limb...

Mar 7, 2012 by

I would like to point out that if I was ever put into a bag with Ann Coulter, she would certainly come out on top - I'm pretty sure she has a camel sack hanging there that would make any man wince in envy.

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All ye who seek money and powe...

Mar 4, 2012 by

Yet through all of this the words of my friends, family people that I love run through my mind as you would run your fingers through the hair of someone you love, a favorite pet who rests their nose on your arm after a hard day. These are memories that warm my heart and I can hear the voices that are with the memories as if they are beside me - every moment of each day.

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Vetted by Facebook?

Feb 27, 2012 by

Have we polluted the planet to the point of saturation, from where there is no return? Has this made everyone so sick they have become insane from the effects?

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