Why ‘Moderation’ i...

Mar 17, 2012 by

To encourage people to not talk about politics seems almost conspiratorial to me. If you are a living, eating, breathing human being you are part of politics - put three people in a room and you have politics. Some say, "I don't do politics - but will talk about the lives of others and the nitty-gritty, sexy, sordid details of what it's like to be a carnal human being." You don't think that's politics? At least on an intimate level? Moderation helps us temper the difficult nature of the complexities that lie ahead.

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Oct 12, 2011 by

there is a sort of ideological war going on the background of the articles on planned obsolescence that is an interesting read in itself. Someone with an agenda is using the "conspiracy theory" straw man to discount anyone who even suggests that there is a clear trend, as each year passes, towards manufacturing products that have lower and lower functional life times.

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