Psssst! Really we are still here!

Dec 9, 2012 by

It has been a very busy 6 months for us. I apologize to all of you who link to us and all of the awesome people out there who come to read.

We have moved our home and studio and have begun a new life – a permanent place we can call home. We are in the final stages of wrapping things up and I hope to post a story of our big move and all the wonderful people that helped us out. I’ll also post some letters from some of our readers that inquired about us and their good wishes and stories of their own.

I hope to get the update about our move and a new article up on some subjects that have been nagging me for months. You will have to fogive me as I’m quite sure the writing has become rusty – 6 months is a long time to leave something you love so much.

Cheers to you all and thanks for coming by and putting up with Walt and my ramblings – yes Walt will be coming back as well.

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