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I think the following is very important for Canadians to remember and to help this memory I’m asking you to share and like this.

So very, very few Canadians seem to remember that Canada has always been a country of moderates and it is that moderate stance towards social and fiscal issues that made our country one of the most respected and loved countries in the world.

What do I think most Canadians have forgotten? Remember the brutal defeat that the Conservative party took when Kim Campbell was at the reins? Do you remember what happened after? The Conservative party amalgamated with the Reform party of Alberta and this is where we got the PM that we have today.

This next part is the important part that Canadians must remember, talk about, and share with friends.

The Reform party NEVER had a chance in Canadian politics because they were so far Right that their central ideologies, platform, and politicians scared Canadians to death. So what happened? We were tricked and the Reform party agenda was whitewashed when the merger happened.

What was the result? Many standing members of the then-Conservative party quit and crossed the floor to the Liberal party, which remained moderate, slightly center Right. The result of this crossing of the floor was that over 60% of the once well-respected Conservative party was composed of ultra Right Reform party members. Then our current PM (who has the charisma of a dial tone) started to enact his agenda within the Conservative party.

Paraphrasing here, at one point S. Harper said that the main social structures of the Liberal mandate would remain in place because that’s what Canadians wanted.

Then one by one, he dismantled them. He back-benched MPs who were against his Ultra Right agenda, shut down Parliament – why do so many not remember the bad taste this left in our mouths? – and put through the omnibus crime bill that the whole world is saying doesn’t work. Then there was the illegal campaign financing scandal, and once they were caught, we the taxpayers had to cover over 1 million dollars of legal costs incurred by Elections Canada to force them to accept responsibility and finally admit “Yeah we did it” , and when they did admit it, the attitude was pretty much, “Yeah, so what. What are you going to do about it?” No acts of contrition or sincere apologies to the Canadian people at all.

It is important to think about this thoroughly: our current government is so off track that we as citizens actually have to take them to court to force them to accept that they are breaking laws, willy-nilly, to keep their hands on the reins of power in Canadian politics.

Finally there is the Robocall scandal – which again will generate millions of dollars in legal fees, shouldered by us the Canadian taxpayers, to again, to force our government to be accountable to the Canadian electorate. Please think about this.

It shouldn’t matter to any Canadian now whether they are a Conservative, Liberal, NDP, etc. This is not the question that matters at all.

What matters is we need to show the Harper Conservative government that they will NEVER be re-elected until they A) get rid of S. Harper as the leader of the party, and B) rewind the gutting of the original Conservative party’s agenda.

S. Harper and his cronies need to be shown the door, regardless of your politics. We as Canadians have ALWAYS prided ourselves on being a country of moderates. We used to mock American politicians and their unbalanced agendas, and now we have allowed this same polarization to enter our own political system. The very fabric of the social structure that made Canada unique is being eroded a little each day.

As Canadians, we need to assert who we really are, stand up for the values this country was founded on, and take back our government, before everything we have always believed in has been perverted and destroyed.

We are not frightened pawns in S. Harper’s personal mission to destroy every moderate principle we have ever had and replace it with an unhealthy and polarizing hard right agenda. It is time for S. Harper to retire.

Please Share this as much as you can. Let’s make Facebook be a powerful tool, to get all of us as Canadians to become the close-knit community we once were.

Let’s get talking on our pages, discussing in forums, etc.. Let’s try to get every Canadian, regardless of political affiliation, to at least start talking about these issues – before more damage is done. It’s time to start real dialogue. That’s what we need.


It’s time for a Royal Commission on election fraud

Misleading, harassing phone calls? Instant-voters with no address? Not in my Canada. It’s time for the truth.

 Sign the petition!

“People who want to eliminate the appropriate safeguards that should be made in the public interest, these people aren’t conservatives at all. They’re ideological right-wingers with very, very limited understanding, intelligence or wisdom.” ~Former Conservative Fisheries Minister John Fraser

Keep Protection of Habitat in the Canada Fisheries Act!

Sign the petition!

You may also consider writing a short letter to the Governor General of Canada.

Write a letter!


A concerned moderate Canadian.


After writing this piece I received a few letters that disagreed. So I wrote the piece:  Why ‘Moderation’ is a big deal…”  in reply…


“In his election victory speech Harper noted the shift in geographic dynamic, announcing with delight that the West was finally in. But more than the West was in. The hard Right of the Conservative party, for the first time in the country’s history, was in. An ideological man bearing an unusual depth of animosity — “hatred,” as colleagues described it — towards the Canadian liberal tradition was in.” from “Harperland” by Lawrence Martin


An article in the Huffington Post by  Jim Harris, “The Only Call Harper Should Be Making is a Judicial Inquiry

Please add comments below. Lets make a list of well stated ethical, legal, and often immoral choices the Harper Government has made.


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