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In an age where the “online spying” and “indefinite detention” become tools by the government to suppress the population and create fear of dissent, I have become completely convinced that I am being vetted by Facebook. I have recently returned from the beautiful Caribbean coast of Honduras. I visited Copan Ruinas, near the Guatemalan border, a UNESCO world heritage site and had my mind blown open by the complexity and the shear perfection of the Mayan’s stone carving skill! I took a whack of photos and posted a whole album (73 photos), on Facebook. It’s been almost a week and it’s still not available on anyone else’s feed, but mine. I’ve shared it a few times and friends have verified that it is not showing up. Everything is normal on my timeline, but no one else gets to see some of my posts. I’ve even been witnessing some of my comments and posts “disappearing”. My friend posted on chat right away, WTF. She saw it too!
I witnessed first hand the soaking American corporations give to Hondurans via 50 cent/kw/h electricity, (which many can’t afford and manage to do without) and expensive water that they can’t even drink! They pay for the same crappy water that comes out of the tap in Mexico and most countries down south, then they have to buy drinking water, creating more plastic, and on and on and on. Why? Because the USA has a military base down there that says so.
You may have seen the international news event, where a prison fire in Honduras’ city of Comayagua killed 358 inmates. The American conclusion was a careless cigarette. My spanish isn’t the greatest, but I can usually get most of the story when I’m reading the local paper in a spanish speaking country. Pictures tell the real story and I heard a lot of people talking about it. This prison was purely a holding facility for people who get arrested. These people haven’t had a trial or a conviction yet and drunks and theives are mixed with cold blooded killers and drug runners.
The Maras Salvatruchas are the most feared and ruthless gang in the world and are most known for their facial tattoos and use of machetes! Kids as young as 8 have to endure being beaten by the gang, while not resisting. They have usually killed many people by 12 years old. They are also the fastest growing gang worldwide, and are showing up in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. This is a product of the American “War on Drugs”! When the Honduran/ El Salvador war was going on, many of people from both countries illegally emigrated to the USA. They ended up in the poorest areas of the cities and with both parents forced to work the children ended up hanging out in the streets. Between the Mexican and the Afro-American gangs, there really wasn’t anywhere for them to go but to form their own gang for the protection of themselves and their families. They soon came to be feared as they were quite adept at be- heading and chopping up their enemies with machetes. The American war on drugs gathered up the criminal element they had essentially created and shipped them to their home countries. Of course they landed in the cities, and with the promise of money and security for their families, drugs became a way out of poverty. Unfortunately that only left them with 3 options, the hospital, prison, or dead. Now, back to the prison fire!
Many Maras were being held at this prison. The official story coming from the local news is this: the rest of the prisoners that survived were in a separate section to those who died. Many died screaming and trying to climb the gates that they refused to open on this section. They tried to climb out over top of each other and then the guards opened fire on them. I saw pictures of charred bodies fused together with their mouths wide open reaching….. heart-wrenching! They all have mother’s. There is a U.S. military base directly across the street from the prison. They have full fire fighting equipment. They could have easily put out this raging inferno, but they never did a thing…. Oh wait, they offered some military coffins to help with the disposal of the bodies. That was nice of them!? This kind of thing is nothing new and has been going on for years, I just became acutely aware of it.
Getting groped for refusing to go through naked body scanners in american airports was really just more of an annoyance than anything. I notice Canada is adopting this technology and many other failed security measures implemented in the U.S. Since 9/11. As a matter of fact we can clearly see Stephen Harper’s neo- conservative government adopting the entire American failure, including war on: drugs, terrorism, environmentalists, senior citizens, and whomever stands in their way of global desecration, indoctorinization of their plan for absolute control and suppression. I ask myself: Where has the morality and love of ourselves and our planet to which we are dependantly tied, gone? How can pieces of paper or digital binary sequences of numbers that really, truly are pieces of paper and numbers on computers (thin air) be worth more to a human being, or whole civilizations of human beings, than that which gives us life? The water we drink and the air we breathe and the food we eat, somehow it’s ok to poison it a little, bit by bit, so we can have more money? Our oceans are full of plastic (oil products) because somehow this is more profitable than making glass out of sand that breaks down into sand again? Profitable to whom?
I have tried to wake up people, and have had a limited degree of success. I started a Facebook page, the Mosquito, a while back and am posting independent media news sources and others, including Russia Today, Al Jezeera and various more grass roots media sources across Canada and around the world. I feel it provides a balance to the tv and radio media which pumps out garbage, bullshit and the occasional truth buried in spin and controversy. I question if this makes any difference.
When I listen to political debates and corporate excuses, I wonder what is poisoning people’s minds so badly that they are convinced by the idiocy and baffled by the bullshit?  This seems to be so when pre-emptive war becomes a logical conclusion, when the aggressive force has created the reason for war from thin air(oil, resources, gold).  How easy it has become to fund terrorism in other countries to destabilize and create destruction and death purely to convince westerners that on humanitarian grounds we must do something! Who exactly are the terrorists??? If you can’t see that this is just the exact same tactic that the USA has been using to establish democracy (Wal-Mart and global banks) most places unable to defend themselves, all over the planet!
I realize that I’m all over the board here, but this seems to be the only way to put it all together. We are being bombarded with Euro bailouts,economic horseshit, middle east propaganda, Canadian oil propaganda, and most recently Elections Canada fake “robocalls”. How can a person NOT be suspicious and jaded? If you refuse to be a sheep and just don’t believe and accept everything that is dictated to you, there is a warranted fear of being labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or just a wacko! Call me what you wish, I prefer to view myself as enlightened! The more we refuse to buy the bullshit, the less of a hold the fingers of oppression have upon us. Too be truly free, one has to be able to let go of materialism and be able to walk away from the perceived safety of the confines of our controlled society. But I digress…
I’ve discovered that my Facebook photos had become defaulted to “Me Only”, probably because I like to spend a bunch of time uploading and choosing 73 photos only to have them restricted so that nobody can see them, except for me! Makes sense! It seems that every time that Facebook does an upgrade the resulting format becomes clunkier and less user friendly and extra glitchy. Also, I had more disappearing comments confirmed by my brother this afternoon. Apparently they have trigger words that will set off security, things like traveling to foreign countries, Mexico or Central America, you know, in the name of Homeland security or whatever the fuck they call it in Harperland. Maybe is pissing someone off? Me and my 25 likes (hint, hint). Interesting is the fact that when I started ‘the Mosquito’, only 5% of my FB friends were interested in my mission and quest for truth, but my readership almost tripled when I went public. It’s great to know that other intelligent creatures reside on this living, vibrant planet and actually care, something that is becoming a lost virtue. Compassion is the only route to real growth.
Maybe there is hope? Can mankind transcend it’s limiting dualist brain mentality and reach it’s full potential as enlightened beings? Can it grasp oneness with the universe and everything in it? Or will it be forced to live and suffer with the consequences of a planet in it’s death throes, content to have a front row seat at “the Decline of Western Civilization Volume III”? These are some of the things I ponder as I continue to watch my own personal question unfold. Is the quest of the establishment to destabilize society to the point of willingly (or unwillingly, as the case may be), surrendering personal rights and freedoms for the ficticious “security” of having more broad, general rules and laws being dictated to us by a madman (S. Harper) or much more simply: Am I being vetted by Facebook? Has it outlived it’s usefullness?  Stay tuned…
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  1. Kelly Bartsch

    Hey Nate good job!! We heard about that fire down here, they (CNN I believe) was saying that it was started by a prisoner setting fire to his mattress as a protest.