Just Sayin,”Why?” #1

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Several times today I had to ask myself , “Why? Why would I ever want to write a blog?”

Not only a good question for myself but for any of us out there who manage to get past that “Hi there! This is my blog” stage and continue to post. Truly some of the best blogs out there never wanted to be anything other than what their owners intended them to be: online living rooms that friends and family came to check out. And then for some an entirely unexpected thing happened – they are wildly popular!

Through its charm, passion, honesty, or quirkiness, whatever it may be, a simple “what I’m cooking tonight” blog has 200k viewers a day.

For those who have posted on the internet it is without doubt fascinating to see that what is intended (hoped) to be read by many is ignored by everyone. Whereas a drunken, passionate heartfelt plea at 2:00 in the morning may resonate with thousands or hundreds of thousands of people.

There are a few posts here that make me squirm just a little whenever I happen to see them again. A few were not to be put back up when I moved the blog to wherever its new home would be. I realized though that in taking them down I would be doing a disservice to myself and to all the reasons that I had originally for writing a blog. Some posts, for whatever reason, when I first wrote them over at blogger, had hits in the thousands and thousands! More than I could ever understand. The writing among other things is really rather terrible.  I wrote a few more and still thousands of hits.

I thought perhaps I was the “chicken-head-eating freak at the circus” or “the friend who to your horror thinks it’s funny when your Great Dane dry humps him” – that’s simply why people were reading. Then the emails started to come. Some of them great: kind, and some of them also great but not so kind.  So I’m back blogging because of those emails/messages of support from people, back  in the day, when it was really bad.

I was very encouraged and wanted to continue but I fell ill again and was unable to do much for several months. I will write about   this under the health section of this blog. It is a subject that is important and dear to my heart. I hope some of what I have learned over the years can help others. One of those earlier posts continues to get hits this evening. Being what I used to consider “internet savvy,” I’m not even sure how the damn posts were found so quickly – I didn’t leave a forwarding address.

Why write a blog?  I would suppose for most of us who blog a little or a lot there are a plethora of reasons, but I suspect we share a few very common ones. Certainly many bloggers must be people who have written all their lives: journals, poems, songs, stories, etc. – people who have a simple need to create. I won a contest in grade one writing a story about Frankenstein and that was about it for my literary achievements. I continued to write privately and over the course of 43 years I have lost most of it.

A friend for unknown reasons kept a book of poems I wrote 20 years ago – words. You can even hurt people when you keep them away from their own words.

Creating is a big part of the why and it’s what drove me, before I fell ill, to drop everything in my life to make pottery. This art form has consumed some part of me for almost 20 years now. Unfortunately for some of these years I have been far too ill to work, but still have a wonderful body of work to share with the world.  My work is truly all over the world and still today this day I am humbled, honoured, and in plain awe that people have purchased my work, sometimes in unbelievable amounts, to carry to the other side of the world. If any of you have found me here part of this blog is dedicated to you, my early supporters. Here I will be documenting my journey back to the world of ceramics. There have been a few false starts and there may be a few more.

Writing a blog will be for me a place where for the first time in my life I will feel forced to hone and perfect my meagre writing skills; to show respect for those who do join me here and to pay homage if you will to a thing that I have loved all my life, which is of course writing.

When I started writing that first blog, you know the one – back in the day, there were a few things about those posts that I don’t ever want to lose.  I had been sick for a long time and then I was really quite well for a while – I was in for a surprise of course. Nonetheless during that time I was feeling better than I had for a long time and I wanted to share some of the passion, the struggle, tears, anger, frustration, and hopelessness that Erin and I felt for so many years.

Being ill is isolating for the person who is sick but it can be just as much so for those who love them.

When I started my first software company I had never written a business plan before. I had no idea what a mission statement was and apparently,”to make a fucking shitload of money” was not considered a tasteful or helpful mission statement.  When you’re young, writing a mission statement for your company can feel like you are being fenced in – which is of course the very idea of a mission statement. While a mission statement shouldn’t control a person’s, a corporation’s, or a thing’s destiny, it should certainly provide some direction.

If I had to sum up oddbloke.ca’s mission statement it would have to be something like:

Life is filled with struggle and achievement. We never know when we are struggling what we will be left with when the current struggle is over. This is the wonder and joy of life and why we never quit. Turning struggle into compassion, empathy and understanding is a path that wise and kind people take. I hope that I am on the path with these people; they are beacons of strength and hope to everyone. They turn adversity into a gift, every time.  Fuckers.

This is choice and it is this choice that creates a thing we have incorrectly called,”luck.”

Oddbloke.ca is about hoping that we all find the skills to make our luck in life. It is about sharing how we make our luck and sometimes how we fuck it all up.  It’s also a little bit about how some basic truths and common sense are out there and all you need is more people to get talking more about them.

For example: nobody watches porn but the porn industry makes billions and billions of dollars a year.  So we need to understand that two or three pervert douche bag billionaires are consuming a shit load of porn. This is a basic truth and it is one of the things we will explore and comment on here on oddbloke.ca.

“Just Sayin ” is where we will talk mostly about cool people, life, etc. but have some fun poking douche bags with pointy sticks once in a while as well. You only live once, which reminds me, “Melancholoholic” will be a regular column at oddbloke.ca. It will be the place where I have free licence to be a macabre, emotional, joyful, insightful, dare I say melancholic? It will be my play room to comment on the joys and heartaches of life. “Beautiful Anger” will also be a regular column commenting on important social issues of our times and hopefully one day a few people will share some of their thoughts and ideas as well. “Memes and Memetic Imagery”  will also be two common themes here on oddbloke.ca and each will have their own appropriate section on the site.

All the sections should start to fill over the next week or so. Writing, learning and organizing all the old and the new is very time-consuming. I’m still waiting for an MRI so I often don’t feel that well either but I will keep plugging this time.

I’ll work a bit more and put up our mission statement somewhere on the site. It’s all about the “slow burn” and you can consider this issue #1 of “Just Sayin”.

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