The End of an Era

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So Steve jobs has resigned from Apple. You hear from the pathetically polite or abnormally stupid that they hope it’s not because of his health. Steve Jobs wouldn’t be willingly leaving Apple for any other reason than his health, whether it was failing at 98, or now at 56. Think about that – 56 years old (young).

I really liked Steve when I was a kid starting my own software company. He had a mythical status then and that was only back in 1988-1990.  I still today respect his ability to push for easy to use, slick, consumer friendly products.

This was all building up to something. It’s always easy to be a critic, but nowadays, the way Steve has steered Apple, it essentially has become everything it portrayed itself, at one time, as not being. Apple has become a litigious behemoth that you, a mere mortal, would not dare stand in front of. Matter of fact, Apple just a short time ago became the second most capitalized company in the U.S..

You don’t get to that position by being a nice guy. It really is quite a feat. Apple was almost done in 1996 when they bought NeXt computer and Steve Jobs back. 

Being a human I feel empathy for loss of life, regardless of whose it is. So now is not the time to be critical of the man, when he may in fact be facing the greatest challenge of his life.

That being said it’s  also be fair to remember how Steve was able to create an artificial slick market that appealed to environmentally conscious, green, tree hugging, artist types, as well as being that easy computer an executive could use. 

What is really Steve Jobs’ coup d’etat is that he tricked a generation of Harvard wannabes as well as corporate-hating deadlocked hippies into embracing the Apple culture. The culture was everything but open, social, etc.. It was downright brutal and litigious and as capitalist driven as an American company can be. Remember the point we made above as to corporate net worth.

So yes the products were slick. They weren’t groundbreaking, other companies were making mobile players like iPods etc.. Steve Jobs was a brilliant  inventer at one time, but he was always a showman. He would have been as comfortable in Vegas as he was in Cupertino.

I do wish Steve the best. I also hope that Apple will perhaps try to become better citizens in the future. I can hope…


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