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So here we are my fifth blog post and so far one
person has publicly admitted that they actually read this. Thanks your brave!
What is interesting is how many hits this relatively new blog\rant is actually
getting. I even received my first “You’re an absolute asshole” email which of
course inspires me like you wouldn’t believe – it’s all I need to keep going. So
please keep on sending those nasty notes whoever you are. It’s appreciated; I
know I’m achieving my aims.

So what is my aim? My aim is to get people
talking about things. That’s it. Whatever method or methods that I use to get
there or how popular I am as a person is obviously moot. What matters is if
you’re pissed off at me and it at the very least gets you talking about
something then it’s a success, simple!

Today’s post, my fifth is about a
specific segment of the population that I have had run-ins with on more than one
occasion. Before I get into the specifics of why today’s post is called, “Show
me your badge” I would like to explain how I;

Get ideas for what I’m
going to post

How I develop material and personal experiences to get

I’m sure there is a name for what I do and if any of you who are
reading this know what it is called that which I do, please post a comment and
let me know. Please don’t tell me that what I’m doing is called, “being an
asshole” because it shouldn’t surprise you, I know that much

What I do is definitely related to yesterdays post about Andy
Kaufman and the main idea of messing with people.

I’m going to call what I do, “over talking.”
Simply, I take a friend to a specific public place that currently interests me
for its social dynamic. I buy this unwitting soul (often my poor wife) a coffee,
find a strategic seat within ear shot of some person or people that I may be
specifically targeting.

It depends on the situation, the social dynamics
and the subject. I “talk over” the person I’m sitting with and attempt to
inflame someone’s passions. This is very real, very illuminating and yes
sometimes rather scary. But I get into discussions that you would never be able
to get from a stranger any other way. People, generally, want to be polite. If I
purposely remove that social lubrication by playing a “suffering arrogant bore”
it removes the necessity that people feel to respect me and my opinion and
generally dive right in and attempt to dismantle me, and everything I say. This
is of course the intention.

Anyone out there want to come along to the
next happening?

In a future post I will tell you about the time I “over
talked” with a group of police officers at another table, that in itself is a
few posts worth of incredibly rich, entertaining information. This is worth a
post for a few reasons. One of them being that it is my firm belief that people
who want this type of power and control end up following these types of career
choices – when essentially the people we “wish or would like to have” this type
of power and control avoid those types of careers at all costs. Interesting idea
to explore you think?

When I’m “over talking” it requires me to
convincingly take the exact opposite position of my true feelings or beliefs. In
essence I’m playing devil’s advocate with myself and portraying an alter ego if
you will to the people I’m “over-talking” too. The reason for this is
multifaceted but I believe it boils down to the following.

Americans – Canadians especially and I should know – I’m Canadian, are complete
toe the line, pseudo-Victorian correctness, ass kissin’, boot lickin’ pushovers.
There I said it!

With that being said in Canada of all the places I have
lived and indeed I have lived in a few probably the worst that I’ve experienced
is right here in Vancouver, B.C, and the people that suffer from it the least it
would seem to me is Calgary, Alberta and many of the other often disparaged “red
neck” provinces; Saskatchewan, Manitoba,etc.

If you have ever been to
these places and talked to these people you may be surprised. I have asked gay
friends, recent immigrants, street people; the list goes on of the people that
get marginalized in society by fuck heads that can only find peace and solace in
their pathetic mono-dimensional lives by shitting on other people.

what do I hear? Vancouver is one of the most intolerant cities they have ever
visited in Canada – bar none. So you see that it’s not just my opinion.










Last year I was documenting part of Commercial Drive for another pet project and
interviewing street people. The kids shown above said that they were traveling
across Canada because they wanted to get to the “tolerant” west coast. They were
begging for change to make it back to Calgary and I laughed out loud and said,
“Why” and they said here people look at them here like if they could get away
with it they would spit on them. I told them not to feel bad I “dress almost
correctly” and I get that look often as well.

Nonetheless they wanted to
get back to Calgary where, now I want you to read this following quote twice,
and if you’re a fellow Vancouverite tell me how you can be proud, “they wanted
to get back to Calgary so they would feel safe”

This has given me an idea
for an upcoming post. I will ask Josh, he is a younger, gay, Taiwanese man that
is an adored friend of all of my family. If Josh will agree I’d like to
chronicle his trip and experiences as he explored Canada from Coast to Coast a
few years ago. Particularly it would be a great service to all people from small
towns in Canada for people to hear how a very openly gay man from Taiwan was
treated, for example in Mossbank, Saskatchewan a farming community of 440
people. Remember Josh is “very” openly gay and from Taiwan – two strikes against
him already if you’re a “real” red neck.

Like I said I will leave it for
a following post – but perhaps with Josh’s permission we can post some photos of
him hanging out with 330 pound “red neck” farmers. Anyways this is a tangent – I
warned you in earlier blogs. My point is I’m bloody tired of many Vancouverites
and their bullshit liberalism, tree hugging, etc. worn on their sleeves like a
badges of honour. They talk a lot of shit but don’t live by their “open armed”
words. Enough said…For another posting…remind me if you will. Montreal, Quebec
is another story altogether and I’ll leave it as this for this province\city.
Whatever they may lack in stoic tell it like it is, no bullshit dialogue they
fully make up for it in passion. Vancouverites really can be passionless piss
ants – of course this is a tidy stereo type and one shoe doesn’t fit everyone.
But boy oh boy is there some truth there, sorry Vancouver.

Let’s just say
though Vancouver presents itself as liberal, progressive, etc. When it is really
quite the opposite, I suppose this will be a post as well – it has the right
makings for pissing all the right people off.

Show me your

So now let’s get back on track, “Show me your badge” what is this
all about. This is about a self defeating segment of the population that wears
poverty on their sleeves like badges of honour. This really pisses me

When you are talking to these sometimes exceedingly ignorant people
and let’s be clear here I didn’t say stupid – that may indeed be the case at
times, but here I mean ignorant exactly as the word was meant to be used. No
allusions to intellect are being made.

Often when these folks are talking
to you they first make the assumption that you were born, and have lived in
relative comfort your entire life. They are so wound up in telling you how they
are proud to be poor, how “they” themselves have suffered in silence, have made
sacrifices, etc; so others may have more. They rarely ask you how your life was,
and, like many people; they make a boat load of assumptions from very few visual

Now don’t get me wrong this is all very noble, humanistic and
loving in theory. In practice it is rather self defeating. Now to be fair I will
be generous here, or as generous as I can be when talking about this subject,
that perhaps these people have socialist\communist leanings. That being said I
believe that as time progresses an ideal system will evolve that will take the
best aspects of all of these systems of government and it will be called
Democracy. “Ya ya ya” – your screaming now aren’t you?

I mean it! Let’s
clear this up before we go further. I agree the current “incarnation” of
democracy has been perverted by an over eager embracement of capitalist
ideology. That doesn’t mean it’s doomed – it just means that it may be doomed
for your lifetime and mine.
So this leads me to my first and biggest pet
peeve with the “I wear poverty on my sleeve” segment of the

They couch their ideas with the precondition that there is no

Now what the fuck is that and why the fuck would I, or anyone for
that matter, want to listen to one more mealy-mouthed word from you when the
main support and structure of your position is that there is “no fucking hope
and we are all doomed?”

Just for a second let’s entertain the idea that
these folks are right. How many people would continue to function in society?
How would we function knowing that everything is pointless and we are doomed and
nothing that we do matters?

What I’m asking is if you actually were able
to rally enough people to\for your “doomsday prophecy” to become a
majority\reality. What would your vision of the world be? What would we be
doing? What should we care about? I’m not sure about you but already the world
can be a pretty ugly place – seems to me this vision would be as dark or darker
than any Mad Max movie or other books and movies that explore a dystopian view
of the future.

Which leads me to – if in fact your belief is that our
future is bleak and without merit, does this mean, or rather, is it a result of
your disappointment upon growing up that the chance of a utopian future is
probably only found in science fiction novels? Actually, good science fiction
novels will often explore what happens to society if it does in fact reach a
utopian place. And that utopian place is often one of horror.

personally think that is most likely a fairly accurate intellectual assessment.
Arthur C. Clarke explores these ideas often. As well as, “Gulliver’s Travels”,
by Jonathan Swift, “The Time Machine”, by H.G. Wells. And of course this list
would obviously not be complete without the progenitor of them all, “Plato’s

Just as a gentle reminder the word Utopia, which I always
thought was from the Greek was actually invented by Sir Thomas More for his book
published in 1516 called, you guessed it, “Utopia” The word does have origins
from the Greek and because I’m not a linguist and I doubt many (linguists) will
be reading this blog, the essential definition comes from Greek and roughly
translates to “no place.”

This in itself should be food for thought. Just
because we invent a word to indicate a specific state of perfection it by no
means that place does, should or ever will exist. So grow the fuck

Two asides; one directly to do with this posting and another
indirectly and those are firstly,

Wikipedia. Love it, hate it, mock it,
whatever you do. Remember this, especially you self righteous, anti-capitalism,
burn in hell types. Wikipedia is the 4’th most visited website on the net. The
three bigger ones and you know who they are have multi-billion dollar, corporate
entities who back\own them. Wikipedia is ad-free, free from corporate influence,
run by the world wide community. If you go there more than twice a year – be a
champ and go donate a few bucks. It’s that time of the year again. If you do
indeed champion ideas of the left, free speech etc, and have enough money for
Starbucks a few times a week (I like to call it “Fourbucks”)If you don’t donate
even five bucks through PayPal in my opinion you’re a dick, but that’s just me.
The second aside from Wikipedia and is for your perusal if so

“In a scientific approach to finding utopia, the Global
Scenario Group, an international group of scientists founded by Paul Raskin,
used scenario analysis and backcasting to map out a path to an environmentally
sustainable and socially equitable future. Its findings suggest that global
citizens’ movementis necessary to steer political, economic, and corporate
entities toward this new sustainability paradigm.”, Wikipedia

Struggle is
what makes us human, and overcoming obstacles is what makes us great humans. I
have been through a boat load of my own and it is moot to tell you my sob story
because for the most part – we all have our own. The point is that I wouldn’t
want to change a thing – that’s right, not one damn thing. Why? Because it is
that journey that has made me who I am and I’ve chosen to decide that I’m okay,
so why
don’t you do the same for

I will say I’ve been
poor at points in my life. With that being said I think I can say with authority
there is absolutely nothing romantic about being poor. Yet another reason that
some of these people really piss me off. There is one thing about being happy
with whom you are at whatever station\income level of your life. That’s
important. It is quite another to preach that being poor is an enlightening
enjoyable experience. If you preach this I’m going to tell you what you probably

I think you’re a bored piss-ant white kid from a middle class family
that at some point in your life decided you were going to be a lazy fuck head
and not work – ever. Because I can tell you truly poor people don’t find
anything pleasing about that journey at all and for the most part if not for
themselves they will struggle someway, somehow to provide the necessary
stability and foundation for their kids to break that horrific cycle.

other words, there is absolutely no shame in being poor. It is shameful to wear
it as a badge of honour and it is even more shameful if you have children to
raise them in ignorance and fill them with the belief that “your family is poor”
and that’s just the way it is and always will be. In this case I can’t help
myself but say you have now been promoted from ignorant to stooooopid. Is it
your ego that wants to shackle your children before they have a

More importantly you profess a willingness and deep profound
desire to help people. May I ask how it is you can help anyone when each day is
a struggle for survival for yourself?

A final note for this posting, I’ll
come back to this as there are many things that should be said about this “show
me your badge” please. One that angers me very much is that not everyone who
owns a car, has a roof over their head, and eats three square meals a day is a
consuming capitalist.

In the next couple of posts let’s talk about market
and how this utterly disgusting marketing concept and its
relationship to
consumerism have in my opinion actually helped create people
with these
self-defeating mindsets. Shall we? How about for a change rather
than me just
bitchin about things I share some ideas that I have for a new
and better world
as well. Will you as well?

For now I’ll see you next
time…Keep dreamin and bitchin’ I am…


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  1. Connie Lennox

    You should actually let Josh read this. I am sure he would tell you how awesomely he was treated in Mossbank. He loved Montreal, wants to go back there. He is sorry he missed the raid on the apartment. He thought it would have been cool for us to be there and have guns put to our heads, handcuffs put on us and marched out of there. Although they took his camera and he lost some of his Canada pictures. He still loved Canada. His worst experience he had was in Vancouver when someone talked to him in Chinese. Josh is Taiwainese, and that offended him more than any other experience in Canada. Anyways, would love for you to get hold of Josh and ask him to talk about Canada.