Kern County Jail

Oct 27, 2010 by

Never knew until tonight why so many musicians have sang about Kern County Jail. Thirty four child molestation convictions overturned. Hundreds of combined years of innocent lives stolen. What particularily made me sad was one of the supposed victims crying saying that he couldn’t bathe his own son for years because he was afraid!

He knew how easy it is for someone with an agenda to steal everything from you without a shred of evidence. My heart goes out to these people. They lost everything for nothing. And the damage continues for their children and grandchildren. The cost incalculable.

Here is the rub and  why I needed to remind myself of this through a note to myself. How small the small the world indeed is.

I had a beer with John a few years ago in  Vancouver.

A sweet guy who at I guess would have been well over 60, was just enjoying what was left of his life after spending 20 years in prison. For bullshit! What an absolute crying shame! He told me he was just out of jail for something he didn’t commit. Wow! Had I known his real story I would have given him everything I had.

Good luck John.

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