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Oct 21, 2010 by

I give up trying to find it. I was reading a statement on twitter or Fb.

Someone made a comment that so and so has “very balanced political
opinions” and I’m not sure why but for the last 45 minutes that comment has
really pushed my “annoyed” button.

So I had to ask myself, “Why
soooomuch?” Then it struck me, even if I am taking it out of context and perhaps
(probably) making it more than it is, I’d still like to have some fun with it as
I am feeling somewhat acerbic and euphoric tonight. Which I’m sure in itself
would indicate to some over educated pompous asshole that I’m predisposed to
sodomizing cuddly puppies and finishing them off by strangling them with a

When it comes to dialogue on politics who says who has a
balanced opinion? Hitler and Ghandi would have two very different answers to
such an inane assertion. I’ll venture a guess at what demographic would MOST
likely make such a statement (hmmm-scratches head) this person would probably be
white, male, conservative, and quite probably (ahem) a believer (really the only
people left that feel they have the high ground in issues of morality and other
tools of false superiority). Suddenly I wasn’t as annoyed – oh what a relief to
be able to find a nice tidy stereotype to pidgeon hole some asshole into. I do
hope you see the inherently forced (I have a bigger hammer bitch) recursive, and
quite possibly entirely redundent logic here.

A practical minded
intellectual would possibly rephrase that very statement as, “Person x has
pragmatic, novel ideas about politics” the original statement implies judgement,
the second welcomes dialouge. The key here is the word “idea”

words? I think not! I believe it represents a balanced stereotypical pigeon
holed opinion on a common pigeon holed North American stereotype (that was fun –
I tried to say that 3 times very fast). This is somewhat akin to a Catholic
bishop telling some boys parents that they are raising said boy wrong whlile he
has his hand on said boy’s ass, or a Major in the military telling you the
values of morality as he models in a 11 year old girls underpants.

of the story? If some asshole ever tells me my political opinions are “well
balanced” then I will certainly know I have lost touch with what

end rant I mean blog…

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