Morning Glory

Sep 1, 2007 by

Morning Glory

we speak in metaphors
emptied boxes, locked doors

button up our sweaters, and down the windows
specks of grey, another day

all this rushing, loving eyes watching
there is tomorrow — well you never know

lines along your eyes, never a lie
in your silence, a gentle touch

take it all away and what remains
just the rain, and bright sunlight

reaching out, your hands always near
windows in the night, shadows on the walls

dances alone, company of tears
human fears, darkness nears

when I take my last breath
my heart storms and becomes quiet

when there are no more chapters
and our stories come to a close

need to know your better than gold
you pretended to walk behind

But it is I — I who followed you!
my last breath, saved it – now what to do

till you came home in the morning glory
I’ll be waiting for you

(c) 2007 Rod Wuetherick and RedIron Studios

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